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2017 National Nurses Week

Written by: Samantha Ezzo

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, the year of the healthy nurse, we are reminded just how many of our employers are looking for new and experienced Nurse Practitioners. We have over 700 Nurse Practitioner jobs available right now! This week on Coffee with Curare <<<< click there for the video, we discuss hot jobs, job market trends and our best piece of advice for Nurse Practitioner job seekers.  Thanks to all the nurses out there!

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Second Chance Physician Jobs

Written by: Samantha Ezzo

Every physician deserves a second chance to find their dream job. 

Tune in to Coffee with Curare <<< click here for video, to learn how to put your best foot forward after a misstep.

We tackle the following topics:

– overcoming a DEA license suspension
– bouncing back after alcohol/substance abuse
– controlling bad press on the internet, wipe it away for good
– how to jump back into the workforce after taking a break to raise the kids

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Coffee with Curare 4.20.17

Written by: Samantha Ezzo

This week on Coffee with Curare <<< click here to watch!  We answer physician questions and give you hottest physician job advice on the web.

Topics covered today!

  • 2017 residents without a job, what should you do? Tip: don’t panic!
  • 2018 residents, the time is now, go ahead and give us a call and we will start your job search.
  • What happens if you have secured your position and couldn’t get credentialed? Take our advice for moving on gracefully and putting your best foot forward.
  • When is the right time to acquire a new state medical license? Depending on your job search, we will help you narrow down the right time to apply.

Remember to send us any questions you have to or give us a call at 800- 880-2028. We will answer your questions next week!

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Residents: The Curare Difference

Written by: Jayson Lett

We have spoken with quite a few 2017 residents the last few weeks and are starting to see a theme. Is it too late (with it being late March) to lock down a good job after residency?  While time is in short supply,  we can help!  And for you 2018 graduating residents, it may seem like eons until graduation, keep in mind we have clients hiring 2018 physicians right now.

So, why work with Curare Physician Recruiting?  The most valuable asset we have is our team of experienced consultants. These are the people that will find you an amazing job. Among our employees, you will find avid cyclists, rock climbers, martial artists, poets, and oil painters. A significant number of these individuals have been with the company for more than a decade and combine a unique blend of experience, market knowledge, Hoosier hospitality and an understanding of the balance between a career and lifestyle. We don’t want you to just love your new practice opportunity, we want you to love all aspects of your new life. Our consultants will take the time to discover the key factors that make you and your job search unique and will come up with a game plan to achieve your goals, both professionally and personally.

Couple the phenomenal people with the 25 years of relationship building among some of the nation’s top employers, and you have a recipe for success. We are the preferred provider among many hiring facilities and make the short list for the first company to call for new physician and advanced practitioner openings. We are on a first name basis with many of the top decision makers and can remove roadblocks within the recruitment process. Our proprietary database is home to literally thousands of current nationwide positions. Don’t have what you are looking for? No Problem. We’ll jump on the horn and do some verbal detective work. Too busy to talk when we dig up some pay dirt? Again, no problem, we are more than happy to work around your schedule and can give you a ring in the evenings and over the weekend.

In short, we’ve got your back.



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March Madness in the Physician Job Market

Written by: Jerry Ramusack

Today, we’re revisiting an old blog post that remains relevant every March.

March Madness in the Physician Job Market

The summer is coming quickly and you may think all the best opportunities are already spoken for, but, as the calendar turns to March you can count on two things within the Physician Job Search world:

1) Major upsets, and the work time wasted analyzing them, in the NCAA’s version of March Madness, and 2) a bevy of previously unavailable opportunities opening to Medical Providers that can begin this calendar year. 

Since I have no horse in the NCAA race, I will leave the tourney review to the talking heads on ESPN.

However, having been through many Spring Recruiting Seasons, I do have some insight into the reasons behind the sudden availability of many new opportunities and why I refer to it as March Madness. 

For job-seekers that intend to make a move in the summer, which is a very high percentage of all physicians that will move within the calendar year, March and April are likely the biggest decision making months of the year. Summers see the most movement of physicians for a couple of reasons; 1) Graduating Residents and Fellows are starting their careers and 2) Providers with children are seeking to complete their moves in time for their kids to be enrolled in their new school system.

Graduating Residents and Fellows are a highly sought after group of providers, with many options to consider. With that being the case, many will choose to entertain several interviews that meet their desired search parameters. Along the way, they may verbally commit themselves to more than one opportunity. On their journey to secure an opportunity that is seemingly custom made to meet their desires, they may negotiate with several different opportunities at once. When it comes down to making a decision, it is easy to do the math and see there will be several employers still looking to secure providers for slots they had counted on as being filled. Many of these employers with the sudden available opportunities are often times in highly desirable major metros and/or college towns.

Graduating Physicians are not the only candidates who may leave a potential employer twisting in the wind. Practicing physicians (those typically seeking their second or greater, post-training job) tend to be more cautious in making a commitment to a new organization and in many cases, when a current employer makes an enticing counter-offer in a last-ditch attempt to hold onto a known asset, they chose to remain in place (something the Wall Street Journal says you should never do).  A change in family needs may also force a practicing physician to remain in their current position, once again leaving an employer holding the bag. Almost all of these physicians will eventually reopen their searches because the original factors that drove their search remain unresolved, but in the meantime their decision opens up another set of previously unadvertised, nationwide opportunities. 

If you are prepared to conduct a thorough search and then act decisively when an appropriate position arises, NOW is a great time to be starting a job search; especially if your goal is to be working in a new location between now and year’s end. The old expression, “He who hesitates is lost” is very apropos at this time of year and soon the best positions will be taken, not necessarily by the most qualified for a job, but by those candidates who aggressively pursue the opportunities their search uncovers.

Call now to speak with one of our Physician Placement Specialists.  800-880-2028

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Five Tips to Ace an Onsite Interview

Written by: John Avila

How do you secure your dream job? The answer is simple, ace the onsite interview. This is your chance to shine and the employer’s chance to put a face to the name and see firsthand how you will mesh with the practice and business model. You will have the chance to see the operation and to make an informed decision on an offer. In my experience, maximizing the site visit opportunity almost always turns into getting a good employment offer. Here’s what you need to know to have a successful interview.


  1. Remember, the primary goal of the site visit interview is to be offered an employment contract, not to decide if you want to take the job. The secondary goal of the site visit is to gather as much information as you need regarding the practice, the team, and the community. It is your chance to see for yourself the practice and other physicians in action. Spend some time getting to know the community and the people you will be working alongside; the more you know about these aspects the easier your decision will be.


  1. Treat the entirety of your site visit as the interview opportunity. I have seen too many physicians ace the 90 minute interview section of their visit, but then misrepresent themselves by letting their guard down in a lunch or dinner social setting. From the moment you meet your recruiter or point of contact with the group, until the time you leave, you are being interviewed. Treat everyone you meet with, including supporting staff, administration professionals, etc. as if they are on the interviewing team – because often times they are!


  1. Ask about compensation during the interview (preferably towards the end), but take special care not to negotiate anything at this time! If you recall from my previous blog post, it is a best practice to avoid discussing compensation values during the initial telephone interview. Although, if you did have a chance to discuss how the compensation is structured, now is the time to discuss that further. Remember, the goal is to be offered the job first. Most practices are willing to negotiate compensation, but it makes no difference if they don’t offer you the job. Work closely with your recruiter both before and after the site visit to discuss compensation goals, the value of the offer, and how to tactfully negotiate the compensation to the most practice and physician friendly values.


  1. Unless you are totally opposed to proceeding any further with the opportunity, ask for the job. It shows a high level of enthusiasm and engagement to be proactive in asking for the job after a successful site visit. Even if you are on the fence, or need time to fully digest everything you’ve learned about the opportunity to this point, having an executable employment offer in hand after a successful site visit is the ultimate goal. You have nothing to decide upon if they don’t offer you the job. Be enthusiastic and proactive in joining the team if the opportunity is a good fit this will put you in a great position to negotiate finer details if not every single detail is to your liking.


  1.   Express gratitude and thank your contacts for their time (and even use their name – “thank you Mr./Ms. ____”) to create a personal connection and communicate your appreciation for the hard work that employers put into the recruiting process. This is an easy way for you to set yourself apart from other candidate: be a gracious and considerate candidate.

Give me a call to learn more! (866) 242-7951

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Five Tips to Ace a Phone Interview

Written by: John Avila

Hello! Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my first blog post. This is going to be first of many! Here at Curare, we have over 25 years of experience in physician recruiting. I am happy to share some of our data-driven principles that will lead you to your ideal job.

The initial telephone interview is one of the most important interactions you will have with a prospective employer. It is their opportunity to put a voice to a name, and get a sense for who you are and what you’re about. In my experience, maximizing the telephone interview process reliably leads to more site visit invitations, contract offers, and ultimately a greater freedom of choice on where you will be taking your career.  Here are five tips to telephone interview success.

  1. Remember that the primary goal of the telephone interview is to be invited for a site visit, not to decide if you want to take the job. The secondary goal of the telephone interview is to gather as much information as you need/can regarding the practice, the team, and the community. The people you work with and the community are two non-negotiable points in the recruiting process, the more you know about them the better your decision will be at the end of the recruitment.


  1. Ask questions about the practice, the facility, the operation, the community, etc. Employers will be immediately receptive to a candidate who appears engaged in the process. Remember that these folks work very hard to showcase their companies and their communities, Ask them what they’re proud of and most likely they will provide you with excellent information, and you will stand out as a stellar candidate at the same time.


  1. Unless the employer prompts you or brings it up first, avoid discussing compensation numbers and especially avoid negotiating compensation at this stage. On the other hand, it is very beneficial to ask questions regarding the structure of the compensation package: is the compensation an income guarantee or a base salary? Are there bonus or ancillary income opportunities? Jumping straight into a “How much does this job pay” will generally leave a negative impression with the employer. Remember that until you have an executable employment agreement from the employer, you have no decision to make and nothing to negotiate over.


  1. Unless you are totally opposed to proceeding any further with a specific opportunity, ask for an in-person interview. Check your calendar and have the dates you can visit ready to share.  Make your objective to secure a site visit date while you are already connected with them on the phone. It will never be easier than right at that moment to capitalize on the employer’s high level of enthusiasm for you and translate that into an invitation to go on-site and interview with their team. If you have no intent to continue the recruiting process with the opportunity further, don’t tell them that! Thank them very much for their time, and let me, your recruiter, know your feedback. I will advise the employer about indefinitely postponing the site visit stage in such a way that will leave the door open on the opportunity, should we need to revisit it at a later date.


  1.  Thank them for their time and for the opportunity to connect with them about their opportunity. Expressing gratitude (and even using their name – “thank you Mr./Ms. ____”)to create a personal connection and communicate your appreciate for the hard work that employers put into the recruiting process. Often theirs is a thankless job and it is an easy way for you to set yourself apart from other candidates immediately by being a gracious and personable candidate.


Give me a call to learn more! (866) 242-7951


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Livin’ la Vida Locums

Written by: Jayson Lett

Traditionally, locum tenens opportunities provided a means for a physician to slow down as retirement approached. Locums became a way to transition from full time work and the physician could toe-test the swimming pool before the plunge. Now, however, more and more healthcare providers are seeking out locums assignments throughout every phase of their careers. With the growing number of physicians electing to take up locums work, the reasons for doing so have increased as well. Over the last 25 years, Curare Physician Recruiting has seen the number of reasons grow with easing into retirement almost becoming a cliché.

The first and perhaps the most obvious reason to gain employment in a locum tenens position is to supplement your income. Especially in a time where physicians are incurring substantial medical education debt, locums can provide the additional income to help start the process of digging out of debt. Likewise, they can help pay for college expenses for your children if you are so inclined, or, better yet, for your fly fishing expedition to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Don’t forget to send a postcard!

It is common for a physician to bring along his or her family while on a locums assignment. This can become a working vacation of sorts. Here at Curare Physician Recruiting, we have yet to discover an employer that was not delighted that the physician brought along their family. Alternately, you can recharge your batteries without the family and enjoy some “me time”, perhaps working a week and then using another to explore the ski slopes, national parks, beaches or mountain trails. Just imagine your family’s glowing faces as they flip through photos of you swimming with manatees, sipping umbrella drinks and undergoing an excruciating poolside massage. Don’t forget the souvenirs!

Finally, locums in many instances will allow you “try before you buy.” With increasing frequency, locums assignments can shift to full time permanent positions. The doctor can work in the practice environment and community and the employer can see you in action. Look at the locums assignment as a pair of disco pants you really, really like. Are they going to clash with your chevron stethoscope? Is this particular cotton/poly blend going to shrink after one wash? Try it on for size and see how it wears.

These are just a few of the common reasons physicians are choosing to pursue locums assignments. The list is ever growing. If you would like to further explore the potential of working a locums assignment, call Josh Thurston, The Director of Locums, aka The Locums Guy at (888) 296-2581. Or check out our website



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Coffee with Curare 1.18.17

Written by: Samantha Ezzo

Join us for Coffee with Curare  <<< click here, a weekly broadcast of the hottest physician and advanced practitioner jobs on the market. This week, we discuss  HOT jobs in Oregon and how you can reduce your student loan debt.

Give us a call at 888-880-2028 to start your job search!

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Coffee with Curare 12.14.16

Written by: Samantha Ezzo

Join us for Coffee with Curare, a weekly broadcast of the hottest physician and advanced practitioner jobs on the market. This week we cover job opportunities in tropical locations and give you the inside scoop on the Curare Difference. Learn more about high paying jobs, warm locations and how you can get an edge in the market.

Job Highlights:

  • Primary Care, Neurology, Oncology and Urology on the east coast of Florida
  • Family Medicine, Pediatrician opportunities in St. Croix, Virgin Islands
  • 6 to 8 patients a day, home healthcare opportunity in San Diego, California
  • Primary Care opportunities on the Alabama coastline
  • Primary Care, Hospitalist, all specialist opportunities in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Give us a call at 888-880-2028 to learn more about these positions.  Mark your calendar and join us on January 4th, 2017 as we return to our regularly scheduled time on Wednesday at 9:30 am EST on our Facebook page. 

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