What Physicians Have to Say

The most reassuring thing was when my recruiter said to me on our first conversation, “we’ll find you a job.” He remained committed to suitably placing me and guided me through the decision process.

- J. Osigweh

The most notable quality I noticed about Dave Witte was that he was an advocate for me and my interests. He has done a remarkable job to help me negotiate through my job contract once he found the right job for me. He showed me a lot of positions, but then recommended to me only the right ones that matched my requirements. Unlike a lot of recruiters, he let me think carefully before I accepted a position and even encouraged me to be patient.

- A. Kandra

Corbin Baird was great in finding exactly the type of job I was looking for. He was quick to provide details and set up an interview. I would definitely recommend Corbin and the Curare Physician Recruiting to any colleague looking for a new job.

- L. Pickard

Emily Yang did a great job. She quickly realized my requirements and moved very quickly. I appreciate her efforts and will recommend her highly.

- S. Sabir

Thanks for all your encouragement. I couldn’t have done this on my own.

- C. Okasi

Great Job. You found just what I wanted and were very agreeable to work with.

- R. Schmoke

Julie [Hargesheimer] was a great recruiter. She was always available to assist and answer any questions that I had. As a new grad, trying to find a job is a hard and new experience. It was nice to have someone to bounce questions and concerns off of. I recommend working with a recruiter to all providers going through this process.

- A. Reikow

The only comment I can give you is far beyond the call of duty. You are great, determined and extremely supportive. You were my guiding lighthouse. Thank you so much for all your efforts and dedication.

- M. Fahim

Julie Hargesheimer has remained in contact with me through the entire [job search] process and has provided words of wisdom and encouragement. It has been a pleasure working with Ms. Hargesheimer and I would recommend Curare Physician Recruiting without reservation.

- S. Hardin

I highly recommend Ms. Julie Hargesheimer of Curare Physician Recruiting as a recruiter. She was highly knowledgeable and professional at every step of the recruiting process. She was very prompt in responding to any of my questions and concerns.

- A. Ahmed

Julie was great at communicating with me, as well as providing me with resources and feedback to help me excel in the interviewing process. A wonderful person to have on your team!

- R. Belway

I have nothing but positive things to say about my overall experience with Jerry Ramusack. He had excellent knowledge of the markets which were appropriate for me. Jerry always has been understanding and had a good knowledge of the jobs. He has been in regular contact and kept me informed at all times. I recommend his services and have already given his number to my friends.

- S. Dhar

I cannot say enough about how positive this experience was. I believe I got great advice and good follow-through. I think Curare Physician Recruiting did an outstanding job of listening to my needs and considerations for relocating and matched it to the appropriate hospital. I will definitely recommend Curare Physician Recruiting.

- J. Lathrop

Excellent Job! I really loved working with you and I am excited to join my DREAM JOB I landed because of you.

- S. Naqvi

I had previously used a few different job recruiters but it wasn’t until I had the pleasure of working with Mr. [Ian] Sons when I felt someone listened to me and was addressing exactly what I was looking for in a job. Mr. Sons was very patient, hardworking, diligent and always got back to me in a timely manner. He made me feel that I was his most important client. This is the first time I can say that I felt no hesitation to be completely open and honest with a job recruiter about my real job

- David Ladin

I was very pleased with the excellent service, communication, attention to detail, and follow-up provided by my physician recruiter Ian Sons. It was truly a pleasure working with Ian.

- M. Boutros

I’ve worked with Curare Physician Recruiting for two jobs now and both times it has been a real pleasure. They work hard on your behalf and communicate quickly and efficiently.

- U. Thai

Julie was very helpful and responded right away to my questions and concerns. She was not pushy at all and gave me some time to dissect the contract.

- M. Betita

Jeremiah Forster was excellent to work with! He found a great job opportunity for me, which I eventually decided to accept. The process went smoothly and efficiently. He communicated with me without being too pushy. I would highly recommend him to a colleague.

- A. Davis

Julie Hargesheimer is very detail oriented, quickly responds, and helpful with negotiating. It was a pleasure working with her and I have already recommended her and Curare Physician Recruiting to physicians and colleagues.

- S. Bui

Julie Hargesheimer is an outstanding recruiter, she is very direct, honest and has an excellent rapport with her clients. She truly cares about her job, she makes herself available even after-hours with her cell. It is easy to reach her and she is quick to answer all the questions from both parties.

- J. Cabrera-Alonso

Kim was very professional and friendly during my job search.
She took time to understand what I wanted and did an excellent job of timely follow up.

- P. Dubagunta

Kim [Gary] was extremely pleasant and positive. She was encouraging me through the process. I really appreciated her help as I had not been involved in a job search for 20 years.

- I. Struk

Jeremiah is an excellent recruiter. He listened to my needs and what I wanted and didn’t try to just fill a position. Very responsive in answering texts/emails/phone calls. Will definitely refer my peers

- Q. Pham

Jeremiah was fantastic throughout the whole process. He kept the lines of communication open and was receptive to my wishes.

- Jeff D.

Emily Yang’s close attention to details and prompt responses really facilitated getting a position!

- M. Shank

Julie was very efficient, prompt, and went out of her way to do whatever she could to help with the process. A good middle man.

- Jessica S.

Mrs Gary spent a lot of time getting me situated. Consummate professional. She went beyond the call of duty to make sure i was comfortable with my choice and helped me through the entire process. I truly appreciate her. Kim you rock!!!

- E. Tako

Bob Salzarulo’s work ethics of being professional, reliable and relaxed were very much appreciated.

- R. Franklin

Emily Yang exhibited timely communication and high responsibility. She gave me helpful advice, excellent service and professionalism.

- Y. Zhang

Julie Hargesheimer was amazing and I felt very comfortable talking with her. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with her.

- L. Alwine

This was a wonderful experience. I forwarded David Bik’s contact info to a colleague who is interested in a change. I had complete confidence in his ability to find the best placement for me.

- J. Dear

If you need to find a job ASAP, just call Curare Physician Recruiting, especially Emily Yang. Just tell her your necessity and she will help you!

- E. Gonzalez

Dave Witte was a pleasure to work with and very professional.

- F. Campisi

Jeremiah is wonderful, easy to work with and I highly enjoyed my experience with him.

- J. LeBeau

Mr. Jayes Lampkins has proven to have great market knowledge, patience and went above and beyond in assisting. Curare Physician Recruiting is very fortunate to have such a competent recruiter!

- D. Purpora

Emily Yang was very knowledgeable and was able to find a good fit for me. Her help was very appreciated!

- S. Yeh

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with several recruiters and firms. Kim Gary stands out in her field as she was truly dedicated to finding the right match for me. She was reliable, informative, and an absolute pleasure to work with! I am hoping that my current opportunity takes me into my retirement years, but if not, I will definitely seek Kim’s expertise again!

- M. Miller

I had a wonderful experience working with Mr. Jayes Lampkins. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I was also impressed by the fact that he always followed-up with any update. He was helpful throughout the whole process. I will definitely recommend him to any of my colleagues.

- C. Bock

Julie was GREAT!!!!!!!! I have worked with other companies and no one compared to the attention she gave us.

- T. Calvo

Julie Hargesheimer was fantastic during the whole hiring process. She understood my needs and formulated a smooth negotiation process. Thanks Julie!

- J. Rivera

Julie Hargesheimer worked with me to find employment as an APRN in the Orlando area in the specialty of Family Practice. Simply put, Julie was AMAZING! She worked diligently to make sure expectations were met on both the side of the employer and of myself.

- M. Satterfield

I am very happy with Curare and will talk to my colleagues about it. Valerie was exceptional. She made all the right contacts and quickly for the job opportunity. I got my job offer within a very short period.

- S. Martinez

Jeremiah made a very stressful process much easier – he was a font of information, not just about the particular jobs, but how to go forward with accepting a job and asking for what I deserve. He even took phone calls and scheduled times to talk on his vacation. I have already recommended him to my graduating colleagues and would, should I ever decide I want a different job (hopefully not), reach out to him again in the future.

- J. Carver

Valerie is very personable and efficient. She stays on top of the recruitment process and has wonderful communication skills. Great personality. Hope I can continue working with her on all my recruitment needs.

- C. Madubom

Jackie is a rare gem. I worked with several other companies prior to Curare. Jackie took on my case which was tricky and complex. She served as my advocate and knew my case well. She worked hard to find me a match and continued to support me thru to completion. Personalized approach is what works. Jackie is exceptional and unique.

- L. Maturani

Jeremiah was so exceptional. I have worked with several recruiters in the past and he supersedes them all. Proficient, quick to respond even during off hours. He was not pushy or obstinate. He was always positive and genuinely interested. I appreciate him so much.

- C. Richardson

Jeremiah was my support system throughout all the ups and downs of interviewing and finding a job. He kept in frequent contact, always trying to help! Absolutely a critical part in my successful job search.

- J. Sommer

Your approach in recruiting a physician for an available opportunity was not aggressive, but very effective and made me feel very comfortable working with you. I was able to discuss with you openly about my concerns and any issue that may have influenced my choice of a practice opportunity.

- Dr. D. Patalino

I worked with several recruiters in my job search and none of them were as attentive and caring as you. Thank you for everything.

- Dr. R. Eyma

I had multiple recruiters call me who often could not remember they had spoken with me or what my interests were. Curare Physician Recruiting was more professional, individualistic and recalled previous conversations and they were well versed in the practices they were representing. I recommend them highly.

- Dr. K. Perkins

I recommend Curare Physician Recruiting to other physicians, no need to use other recruiting services.

- Dr. A. Campo

Your market knowledge, thoroughness and negotiating skills are clearly superior to those of any other search firm.

- Dr. R. Sarlo

In fifteen years of practice, and having been approached and dealing with dozens of recruiters, you and your associates stand out as head and shoulders above the crowd. It is obvious that you build a strong relationship with your hospitals and other practice opportunities based on your honesty, integrity and ability to close the deal in a win-win manner which makes you one of a very select few of truly professional recruiters.

- Dr. J. Rich

I had a 100% match and I am greatly satisfied with my new employer.

- Dr. B. Taparia

[Curare Physician Recruiting] deep market knowledge and contacts enabled me to land a position in my favored area one year in advance.

- Dr. K. Hatcher

Your approach in recruiting a physician for an available opportunity was not aggressive, but very effective and made me feel very comfortable working with you and I was able to discuss with you openly about my concerns and any issue that may influence my choice of a practice opportunity.

- Dr. W. Asihene

Because of the Internet allowing ready access to many recruiting companies, I have interacted with many recruiters online and over the phone. Curare Physician Recruiting was very nice as opposed to others who reminded me somewhat of high pressure salesman.

- Dr. R. Todd

Your persistence and professionalism was very much appreciated. I have started working in the Beverly Hills office and love it.

- Dr. S. Hughes

There was no pressure, no persistent phone calls-just good professional assistance.

- Dr. F. Corp

Curare Physician Recruiting had a fantastic rapport with me and deep market knowledge. They were a tremendous help at keeping me updated and they were superb liaisons during my negotiation. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Dr. G. Buyo

This was my best experience with recruiters.

- Dr. R. Patel

I was extremely pleased with my experience with Curare Physician Recruiting. They went out of their way to find a great practice for me, one that the other recruiters would not have found.

- Dr. N. Faulkner

During my search for a new practice position, we were in touch with many recruiters. Curare Physician Recruiting was far and away the most professional, knowledgeable and conscientious.

- Dr. L. Jamison, M.D.

I had an excellent experience with Curare Physician Recruiting who kept me up to date on available positions and assisted in consummating an employment agreement quite admirably. I would highly recommend Curare Physician Recruiting to anyone needing assistance.

- Dr. K. Perrin

My physician friends had cautioned me regarding the use of “headhunters” because of their perception that such professional groups were only interested in placing you somewhere (not necessarily a good match) as quickly as possible. My experiences with Curare Physician Recruiting were not in accordance with those warnings from my friends. It was a very positive working relationship. It saved me time and I felt as if she was working with me to find a good professional match.

- Dr. A. Bryson

I received many calls from recruiters that were obviously working for themselves instead of the physician! Curare Physician Recruiting’s knowledge, attention to detail, and patience resulted in a wonderful outcome for me!

- Dr. J. Fleming, MD

We were using several recruiters but Curare Physician Recruiting was the only one who kept us informed of the progress weekly and only showed us opportunities that we were interested in – not just anything available.

- Dr. M. Hoffman

Curare Physician Recruiting did not waste my time with practices that I would not want, and was very discreet.

- Dr. P. Abston, MD

Curare Physician Recruiting educated me, supported me and advised me which is far beyond what I expected from a recruiter. They clearly had my needs in mind.

- Dr. Baker

I am writing to thank Curare Physician Recruiting for all their help in finding me the right practice. [They] were friendly, reliable and skilled. I felt confident entrusting my search to them. Thank you again for all of your time and help.

- Dr. R. Morasch

Curare Physician Recruiting was extremely helpful in helping me land a job at Duke University. [They] had the wisdom to help me navigate and the experience to help me find the jobs that suited me best.

- Dr. D. Blake

Curare Physician Recruiting was prompt and available with assistance. The group was very sensitive to the time constraints of my busy family and they were a pleasure to work with.

- Dr. S. Hallberg

I never felt pestered or ignored which other recruiters have done in the past.

- Dr. D. Potti

You were always willing and available to answer all of my questions and you were always very friendly and personable as well. I would recommend your services without reservation! Thank You

- Dr. R. Silva

Curare Physician Recruiting did an excellent job in my job hunting experience. I strongly recommend using them.

- Dr. A. Altay

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Curare Physician Recruiting.

- Dr. Hijazi

I am very satisfied with the end result and the service. I would recommend [them] to anyone.

- Dr. D. Nguyen

Thank you so much for your professional service. I will definitely refer my colleagues to you in the future.

- Dr. S. Zhang

It has been a great pleasure speaking with Emily Yang. Her professionalism, dedication and great skills in communication impressed me and she was successful in helping me find a new job which I have been looking for. If I am looking for another job in the future, I am sure I will use her services and expertise again.

- Y. Zheng

The Best Recruiting Firm I have worked with.

- Dr. B. Gaines

[Corbin Baird] was a great help and support for me in the transition time looking for a new job. He is very professional and knows how to follow and coach his clients in order to get a positive result. Mr. Baird is very approachable and has a very nice personality. I will not hesitate in the future to recommend him to other doctors in need.

- Costas-Katz

A Tremendous Resource that led us to a Great Opportunity.

- Dr. J. Swanson

Thanks for helping me to secure the job I had on my wish list as #1.

- Suzanna Boka

Jerry Ramusack worked very hard for us and was always very personable. We are grateful to receive so much personal attention and the result was great.

- N. Korneeva

Bob Salzarulo was very upfront and honest. He was very trustworthy and produced results in less than two weeks. Bob was dedicated to serving his clients and great with his follow through. I wouldn’t hesitate to call him again if needed and to recommend other physicians to Bob Salzarulo.

- R. Moore

Emily [Yang] was very helpful and easy to contact. She did the bulk of the leg work for me contacting potential employers and setting up phone interviews and site visits. I had hesitated to contact a recruiter because I had heard of bad experiences, but I have only positive things to say and would recommend Emily to my friends and collegues.

- Melissa Camiolo

Ian Sons has been wonderful in assisting me with finding a position right after my training. Things went well and on time due to his planned coordination with my employer. I would definitely choose Curare Physician Recruiting in my job search again, as well as refer my colleagues to experience the timely and great service I received from you.

- R. Rishikesh

What Employers Have to Say

I have been in this business for over 20 years and have never had both a professional and personal relationship like I have with Kim Franklin. She is super thorough and keeps me on task. She is wonderful with follow-through. She does a great job with supporting both the physician and us as clients. I feel very fortunate to have Kim on my recruitment team. She is a great asset to you and your company.

- M. Basan

Curare Physician Recruiting was very helpful in providing insight from experience and knowledge. They were always accessible by email or phone and often called to check on progress. Overall, I am very pleased and we are still using Curare Physician Recruiting to find another associate.

- Dr. C. Harrison

We have placed several physicians with Curare Physician Recruiting and have been extremely happy with the results. Curare Physician Recruiting is our top contingency firm that we work with. I have referred them to several other recruiters through a nationwide network of physician recruiters. We have been thrilled with the services we’ve received. We look forward to future placements with Curare Physician Recruiting.

- ~ M. Young

Everyone I have worked with has been excellent with regard to quality of candidates, communication skills and overall professionalism.

- J. Borman

The Curare Group has been professional and to the point with great follow-up and communication skills. Thanks for a job well done.

- J. Graves

We would like to have more recruiters with Curare`s attitude, consideration and personality. We will look to Curare for our future needs.

- J. Boden

Curare Physician Recruiting was very professional and helpful during this search process. A competitive search was filled quickly with a very viable candidate. Good communication was maintained throughout the process. Assistance in closing the deal was offered and provided as requested. They listened, which is the most important trait of an excellent recruitment partner, in my mind. I will use Curare Physician Recruiting again.

- R.D. Williams

I am happy to report that I have done business with The Curare Group for the past three years. All business has been conducted in a highly satisfactory manner. The Curare Group has always been most helpful in providing information and advice in regards to potential candidates. I have found this group to have a broad range of excellent candidates. Thank you!

- C. Hayes

Curare Group, Inc. has provided a vital link in Rutherford Hospital recruiting efforts. I find the representatives professional in their day to day activity. Via email and phone, I am able to reach the consultant quickly.

- G. Roller

I was very impressed with Curare and the immediate response to our needs and the number of quality prospects Curare provided. When we are ready to add on, we will contact you. We have discontinued relations with previous recruitment firms.

- G. Kramer

This has been a difficult search because of the nature of our position. The Curare Group found a candidate that matched our needs when no one else could.

- R. Cole

The Curare Group has done an excellent job with the recruiting for our organization. They provide realistic feed back and information to the physicians and quickly grasp the relevant criteria for filling a position. They communicate well and adjust appropriately to every changing situation. They are polite recruiters and provide valuable responsiveness to our group.

- T. Douglas

David Bik is a great recruiter to work with. He kept in close contact with our organization and the candidate. He is professional and friendly.

- Lindsay C.

The Curare Group was very professional and diligent in their work. The end result for us was an exceptional addition to our physician staff in a position that had been extremely difficult to fill.

- D. Kruger

[The Curare Group] has an excellent understanding of their candidates’ needs and situations…always upfront on the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses and very helpful working through the process.

- V. Pope

I can’t thank Dave Bik and The Curare Group enough for the professional job they have done referring top physician candidates to our medical group. They have exceeded our expectations.

- D. Morris

The Curare Group consultants are very professional and reliable. I am very pleased with the experience while working with their consultants.

- J. Koerselman

[The Curare Group’s] ability to understand the needs of the facility and match that with the candidate is right on target. It has been a great experience for us and a very positive reflection on The Curare Group. We are looking forward to future successes!

- P. Ashworth

[Curare Physician Recruiting] sent us an excellent candidate which turned out to be an easy recruit. I will look forward to working with Curare Physician Recruiting in the future.

- T. Inman

[We] own and operate 121 hospitals across the U.S. We have contracts with over 100 contingency firms, and year after year The Curare Group is consistently one of the very best.

- E. Hawkins

Over the past couple of years, we have worked with several physician recruitment firms while searching for both Medical and Radiation Oncologists. The Curare Group has provided us with the most qualified candidates and has been extremely responsive in helping us to bring the negotiations to closure. Their experience and professionalism is exemplary within the recruitment industry.

- L. Vincent

All of the recruiters have been attentive, have shown excellent follow through and were responsive to our needs and requests. Curare was very professional in handling negotiations and provided good customer service. We all like doing business with your group.

- J. Weisman

Another great experience with Curare. I appreciate the fact that you only send well screened, motivated candidates who are anticipating my phone call. Several agencies were working my pediatric need, but the Curare crew ultimately presented the two best physicians so we hired them both. Thanks again.

- H. Brown

Occupational medicine is unique and difficult to recruit for. The Curare Group has done a great job for us over the many years we have worked with them.

- M. Wagner

I have worked with many recruiters during my 28 year career. The recent placement of an I.M. MD was handled with utmost professionalism, calls and follow-up were timely and the job was completed assertively. Thank You!

- D. Pile

I want you to know how awesome Kim is. I have been in this business for over 20 years and have never had both a professional and personal relationship like I have with her. She is super thorough and keeps me on task. She is wonderful with follow thru. She does a great job with supporting both the physician and us as clients. I feel very fortunate to have Kim on my recruitment team. She is a great asset to you and your company.

- M. Basan

Bob Salzarulo was very responsive to my requests. The timing of this recruitment process exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use his services again.

- G. Hoover

Jerry Ramusack has proven to be a knowledgeable, responsive consultant for our recruitment needs. He has exceptional availability and is a source of good information on recruitment related matters. He has excellent communication skills and it is a pleasure working with him.

- G. Schroeder

Emily Yang has been very helpful to our clinic. She has been an integral part in helping us interview and hire the best candidates. I would whole-heartedly recommend Emily for any medical establishment seeking to hire only the best of the best.

- K. Rowel

Ian Sons was a pleasure to work with! Things could not have gone better from the time I received the C.V. to getting the contract signed.

- J. Stuber

Great Job, Emily [Yang]! I look forward to placing many more physicians from your agency!

- S. Elling

David Witte found us a qualified permanent candidate with a state license in record time! Thanks David!

- H. Glasscock

Dave Bik and the others at Curare consistently provided me with excellent candidates. They provided references in a timely manner and they helped me close the deal with the doctor. We will continue to use Curare for our needs.

- L. Whiteman

Emily Yang was a big help in closing the deal with our new doctor. We’ve had great luck with The Curare Group for years.

- T. Kenney

Ian Sons went above and beyond as we searched for “our perfect candidate.” I truly found Ian to be very responsive and he stuck by me every step of the way through the initial introduction of our opportunity to the final negotiations. It was a pleasure to work with him and I look forward to many more opportunities to fill our needs.

- L. Robinson

Bob Salzarulo is very professional and easy to work with. I would love working with him again. He helped us retain a prime candidate for general surgery.

- M. Spearson

The candidate was appropriately informed of the job specifics and was sent to me only after Jeremiah [Forster] determined he had a strong level of interest in us. He was a serious candidate for the position which is important to for me to know upfront so I do not waste my time.

- Pat Coplan

Emily Yang worked hard to make this placement come together. It is often difficult to match times that are convenient for both the recruit and the hiring physician. She handled the communication seamlessly. We are absolutely thrilled with our new physician.

- J. Wheat

This is our first placement with your group and it went smoothly. I would very much appreciate your sharing your market knowledge and any other tools you have to share with in-house recruiters, thank you!

- A. Quinn

Very pleased with the recruitment process with your group. Most professional, solid results and not overly expensive.

- K. Adams

Jerry Ramusack always provides the highest level of professional and quality service. I would recommend to any in-house recruiter to utilize the services of The Curare Group.

- A. Johns

Not only is Jeremiah Forster a true professional, he is easy to work with and he understands the business. It was a pleasure doing business with him.

- A. Waite

David Bik did an outstanding job communicating with me as well as the candidate. His attention to detail and follow-through helped ensure a successful search. I was also impressed with the quality of candidates The Curare Group brought to the table for our search. Excellent job all around!

- M. Drapala

Dave stayed on top of the recruiting process and followed up with me and the candidate appropriately. It was very easy from start to finish. And the candidate is a great fit for our hospital.

- T. Gump

The Curare Group as a whole is just excellent. You are the best I deal with.

- D. Nolen

I worked with Jerry Ramusack, but I know Ian Sons was working in the background. Great Team Work with all of you at The Curare Group. I so appreciate your focus on all our needs!

- T. Purvis

I am very satisfied with David Bik’s work. I would highly recommend him and his excellent follow through.

- L. Cindric

Dave Witte was great in that he recognized the severity of our search and the good vibe that the physician we hired had about our opportunity. I appreciate this company and Dave. For The Curare Group, thank you for having consultants. It is my preference to work with firms that I only deal with ONE person. I have 5-6 people calling me from some firms!

- J. Parker

Ian Sons was a pleasure to work with during this process. He kept in constant communication with us which was extremely helpful.

- R. Bishop

Dave Witte is wonderful to work with, professional, kind, and very on top of details. I am the only one in recruitment in a 700 physician hospital which limits me some days if I’m with a candidate. Dave was always understanding and got us the BEST internist ever!!!

- C. Harwood

The candidate was appropriately informed of the job specifics and was sent to me only after Jeremiah Forster determined he had a strong level of interest in us. He was a serious candidate for the position which is important to for me to know upfront so I do not waste my time.

- P. Coplan

Our Placement Specialist was absolutely the best to work with!

- C. Smith