6 things I learned in my first 6 months as a Physician Recruiter

Relationships are everything: Establish a positive relationship with your Physician Recruiter and potential employers; this is the single best thing you can do for your job search. Being available, present and establishing a connection with your contact is what gets the interview scheduled. Even if the job isn’t right fit for you right now, establishing a good rapport will leave a good feeling with potential employers.

Proactive doctors get the job: You are marketing your livelihood, step on up and be proactive. This action will allow your Physician Recruiter to market your skills, and in turn, employers will be more motivated to expedite your recruitment process. A CV that is pleasing to the eye and informative will make an impression and compel employers to give you a call. Remember to ask for an onsite interview during the initial phone call and offer a few dates you are available for a visit. Ask for the contract during the onsite interview. Employers want doctors that want to work with them.

Competition is stiff: Ask your recruiter to be assertive with your job search. You are working with a professional that is identifying the best possible opportunities on your behalf. Push the envelope and open yourself up to opportunities that could work out in your favor. Every time your CV reaches a potential employer, they are reviewing a pool of multiple candidates, in almost all locations.

Trust the process: The process of getting a new job can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days. During that time, work with the recruiter you trust and stick with them through the process. Working with multiple recruiters will muddy the water and work against the momentum of your job search.

Your recruiter is your coach: We work with over 4,000 clients all over the country and have done so for over 20 years. Physician and Advanced Provider placement is all we do. We know the market, the industry, the contacts and the resources you need. Take the advice and feedback given and implement it immediately to see the quickest return on your job search investment.

Work with the best – work smarter, not harder: Here at Curare, time and thousands of dollars go into marketing your job search and securing a job for you. We use the latest technology and industry tools to identify the hottest job opportunities in the country. Our clients trust that we will send them qualified physicians. Working with us gives you a well regarded industry source on your side.

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