Career Resources for New Graduates in Medicine

It’s a great time to start your career in medicine! There are more jobs accessible to new graduate physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants than ever before. You can get your foot in the door at a prestigious practice, anywhere you want to go in the U.S.

Employers are motivated to fill their jobs between now and the end of summer. The industry has shifted, and practices which may have previously hired based on experience are now opening their doors to 2022 new grads, and even hiring 2023 residents in advance.

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You’ve done a lot of work get to where you are, and now our job is to help you elevate your career to the next level. We’ve helped thousands of residents secure jobs for over 30 years. We will connect you with the decision makers that will offer you the best opportunity to suit not only your needs, such as salary, loan forgiveness, and stipends, but also customized to your wants such as the location where you want to live, and your desired work-life schedule. will support your job search every step of the way, from writing an irresistible CV, to interview tips, and contract negotiation. Our Placement Specialists know the employers and exactly what they are searching for. From the time you connect with us, to the day you start your new job, an expert will be by your side at no personal cost to you.

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Get your CV ready:

Apply to top jobs: Thousands in your specialty @

Ace the interview:

Contract negotiation:

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We have over 1,450 active positions that offer loan forgiveness all over the United States. Whether you need to retire $50,000 or $200,000, our employers have got you covered. Here’s a comprehensive list of jobs offering loan forgiveness across the States right now:

  • Alabama: 57 jobs
  • Alaska: 4 jobs
  • Arizona: 38 jobs
  • Arkansas: 62 jobs
  • California: 32 jobs
  • Colorado: 8 jobs
  • Connecticut: 3 jobs
  • Florida: 49 jobs
  • Georgia: 33 jobs
  • Idaho: 11 jobs
  • Illinois: 53 jobs
  • Indiana: 114 jobs
  • Iowa: 20 jobs
  • Kansas: 15 jobs
  • Kentucky: 124 jobs
  • Louisiana: 11 jobs
  • Maine: 12 jobs
  • Maryland: 3 jobs
  • Massachusetts: 3 jobs
  • Michigan: 17 jobs
  • Minnesota: 9 jobs
  • Mississippi: 41 jobs
  • Missouri: 36 jobs
  • Montana: 18 jobs
  • Nebraska: 11 jobs
  • Nevada: 4 jobs
  • New Hampshire: 10 jobs
  • New Jersey: 1 job
  • New Mexico: 37 jobs
  • New York: 40 jobs
  • North Carolina: 59 jobs
  • North Dakota: 8 jobs
  • Ohio: 80 jobs
  • Oklahoma: 21 jobs
  • Oregon: 18 jobs
  • Pennsylvania: 102 jobs
  • South Carolina: 30 jobs
  • South Dakota: 30 jobs
  • Tennessee: 50 jobs
  • Texas: 59 jobs
  • Utah: 1 job
  • Vermont: 15 jobs
  • Virginia: 28 jobs
  • Washington: 36 jobs
  • West Virginia: 24 jobs
  • Wisconsin: 10 jobs
  • Wyoming: 11 jobs

See somewhere you like? Give us a call to learn how much assistance you can obtain. Kentucky, Indiana, and Pennsylvania are leading the charge! Jobs in rural areas are more likely to offer benefits that can help you kick-start your career, such as debt forgiveness, stipends, fantastic sign-on bonuses, and higher salary options with lower cost of living.

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This is just the tip of the iceberg with the expertise Curare Placement Specialists have to offer to physicians starting their career. is your one-stop-shop.

Give us a call at (800) 880-2028, or e-mail “TIPS” to to connect with an expert, and we’ll also send you our most popular resource – “How to Write an Irresistible CV” – full of insider secrets on how to make your CV stand out from the rest.