New Year, New Job! 3 Tips to Strategize Your 2024 Job Search

Happy New Year! Everyone knows that January is for beginnings. That is why the first quarter is one of the best times to apply for new jobs. The start of the year is when decision-makers are in the office together, finalizing hiring budgets and planning out their staffing goals. Mid-January through February is an interview BLITZ as employers get ready to ramp up for a successful year!

Companies nationwide are searching for new talent, and thousands of jobseekers have made the decision to look for a fresh start. This makes the new year the perfect time for interviews to come together. If you are considering making a change, right now is the best time to throw your hat into the ring!

We’re here to help. Here are 3 great tips to make sure you catch the first hiring wave of 2024.

Step 1: Put Your Best Foot Forward

The path to your new job begins on paper. We recommend leaving last year’s resume in the past by refreshing your CV for the new year. Competition can be fierce, so it is important to market yourself as THE top choice!

Make your CV stand out among the rest:

  • Write a clear, concise, professional resume.

  • Include credentials, licensure, education, and your full work history, in order, with date ranges.

  • Use a common, easily transferable format such as Adobe PDF. Microsoft Word is also acceptable.

Visit our website for more tips on how to write an irresistible CV!


Step 2: Know Your Goals

The real magic of new beginnings starts with visualization and goal setting.

Ask yourself a few key questions:

  • LIFESTYLE: What is my availability? Do I want to work locums, part-time, full-time? Days or nights? Call, or no call? How important is a flexible schedule to me?

  • LOCATION: Do I know where I want to work? Am I willing to consider rural opportunities, if it means better pay and a better schedule? What type of community will fit my family’s lifestyle?

  • COMPENSATION: How much do I want to earn? Am I interested in bonus incentives? Do I need loan forgiveness, relocation assistance, CME money?

Write out your goals on paper to visualize your dream job. Knowing what you are searching for will help your recruiter tailor a job search to fit your needs.

Step 3: Connect with a Placement Specialist

Walk into 2024 with Curare, and together, we will turn your applications into offers! Our consultants treat each provider with care. Your Placement Specialist is your advisor through the entire job process, from finding the best fit for your needs, to making the first connection with our nationwide employers, to contract negotiation, and more.

From the moment you submit an application, to the first day in your new job, you will always have someone on your side at Curare Physician Recruiting. All we need is your contact information, CV, and job search goals. With over 30 years of experience, we can tailor a search to fit your need within minutes. Plus, it’s free!

The fastest, easiest way to connect with us is to Submit Your CV at You can also apply to any of our 4,000+ active jobs, and a consultant will reach out.

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Cheers to a bright 2024!