Nurses Day 2021

Today we honor nurses and nurse practitioners for their hard work and perseverance every single day. Thank you, nurses, for all the ways you make a difference in peoples’ lives. We interviewed Julie Hargesheimer, Senior Placement Specialist, who has been an NP/PA job search consultant extraordinaire for The Curare Group since 2012.


What do you enjoy most about working with nurse practitioners and PA’s?

I enjoy helping nurses and physician assistants start their job search journey. Advanced providers play an integral part in the medical field. Patients feel comfortable with them, and feel like they take the extra time to listen to their concerns as well as explaining their diagnosis and medical conditions.

How has the Advanced Practitioner job market changed in the past decade?

When I first started consulting with Curare, I was solely responsible for the recruitment of NP/PAs. Our company’s recruitment of Advanced Practitioners has grown substantially since then. In the beginning, some facilities were reluctant to hire nurse practitioners and physician assistants, but their employment opportunities have become much more mainstream as the years have progressed. There are more Advanced Practitioner jobs now than ever before!

What are some ways that your work as a Senior Placement Specialist is rewarding? 

I like working with Nurse Practitioners who are transitioning from an RN role to a more independent role as a NP, and helping them advance their careers. The most satisfying part is when the providers I’ve worked with come back to me again when they are needing to find a new position, and when they refer me to their friends and colleagues.  Referrals are the best form of flattery and something I really appreciate!  I have even been fortunate enough to have family and friends that have called upon my services as they have been searching for a NP or PA position.

Are there any interesting NP/PA job search stories that you would like to share?

I worked with a Dermatologist who was looking to expand his practice with rotating NP/PAs for different offices. Dermatology is a difficult sub-field to get into without previous experience, but he trusted me enough to find new graduates for his training program. I’m happy to say I was successful in filling the staffing needs for his expansion.

Do you know how many Advanced Providers you have found jobs for? 

I have had the pleasure of helping between 60 and 75 nurse practitioners and physician assistants to find jobs.

Call Julie at (800) 643-6401 or email to start your own job search journey.


Happy Nurses Day!